Engaged Employees

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Employee Engagement

Sunshine Non-Profit Solutions is committed to the success of non-profit organizations and offers valuable resources for creating an engaged workforce.

The results are unequivocal. As Gallup’s research shows organizations with higher employee engagement perform better on a variety of measures: earnings per share growth, better customer engagement, higher productivity, more employee retention, fewer accidents and higher profitability.

Engaged employees are healthy, motivated, and embedded in effective teams. Creating an engaged workforce requires a multi-prong strategy that rests on a foundation of healthy employees. Motivating these employees, investing in strengths, maximizing effective teamwork are essential tasks for creating an engaged workforce and leaders create the conditions that promote employee engagement.

We work with employees and organizations to improve their employees’ health and enhance their motivation. The foundation of engaged employees is healthy employees. Engaged employees are also motivated, not through rewards and punishment, but through autonomy, mastery and purpose.

Excellent Leaders

High-quality leadership is essential for any successful organization. For nonprofit organizations and Head Start programs, effective leadership can guide the mission and create positive change in the world. Nonprofit leaders have a unique set of skills, including strategic planning, managing finances, fundraising, and engaging employees. Nonprofit leaders are also adept at developing innovative solutions to complex problems and inspiring others to embrace a common cause.

Leadership begins with articulating and building consensus around a purpose, setting goals, establishing strategies, and creating plans to ensure that the organization achieves its purpose. Effective leaders motivate their team and create an engaging work environment where employees can reach their potential.

High-performing leaders collaborate. Collaboration depends on active listening and respect. Collaborative leaders recognize employees and provide opportunities and resources for individual development. Effective leaders are empathetic, passionate, hard-working, and self-reflective, inspiring their staff, families, and communities to realize their potential.


Effective Teams

We provide extensive advice and assistance on forming and managing effective teams through explicit instruction and role-play scenarios. Effective teams are an essential part of today’s work place: by working together, discussing challenges and solutions, and pooling knowledge and resources teams can create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. For teams to work there must be explicit and regular management of teams that includes direct instruction in social skills, emotional intelligence, and teamwork skills.

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