About Me


Dr. Cathleen Armstead

I’m passionate about the mission of nonprofit organizations and Head Start programs. With over 20 years of experience, including 5 years consulting, I’ve learned how to implement best practices — without stress.

  • Do you want to grow your nonprofit organization with authentic planning, a dynamic team, successful grant writing, and review preparation.
  • Do you feel like your team is spinning their wheels?
  • Do you know how you can exceed the Head Start Performance Standards and shine during your federal review?
  • Do you know how your team can write more impactful grants and engage in effective fundraising?
  • Do you know you can do more with your passion, but you don’t know when, where or how to take the first step?

It took me years of hard knocks, rookie mistakes, and endless 60-hour work weeks before I figured out how to lead a program and fulfill its mission. I made a mental shift in how I worked, and programs where I worked began to transform into programs of excellence.

At Sunshine Nonprofit Solutions, our goal is to help organizations better assist their clients and communities without stress. If you’re looking to make a difference in your community, we can develop strategies and activities to ensure you progress toward your goals.

My clients say:

  • I wanted to let you know our review last week went extremely well—many thanks to you. One of the first things the reviewer said during our Program Management portion was how well prepared we were; she said it is not usually like that. Patricia K.
  • She worked really hard to get us to where we wanted to be. We made some awesome improvements. Jessica A.

If you’d like to make a positive change, you can call (407) 304-7689 or email at cathleen@sunshinenonprofitsolutions.com.