Logic Models

Logic models are graphic representation of a program or services that demonstrates the relationships between the input (or investments) and the anticipated outcomes.

Logic models are used in the development of grant proposals and in the evaluation of programs.

​Investments include the organizational resources in addition to the knowledge base of what "works". Activities are the services provided to recipients; access to resources, individualized training, workshops, and the creation of new forms of communication. Each activity can be measured in terms of output: how many people received services, how many services, how many workshops, how many attendees?

​Outcomes are what we want to happen. Providing services will result in changes in knowledge, skills, and behavior. Outcomes are depicted in a logic model as short-term, medium-range, and long-term outcome.

​Many funders are beginning to ask for a logic model in the proposal. More importantly, taking the time and the discipline needed to develop a logic model clarifies to yourself and to your funder what you are doing in measurable activities AND what you are expecting to occur as a result of your activities.


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