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Dr. Armstead has twenty years of experience in social services in government institutions and non-profit organizations.

Dr. Armstead has twenty years of experience in social services in government institutions and nonprofit organizations.

Her doctorate in social relations provided her with the skills and "book knowledge" for working with people in poverty and other historically disadvantaged populations. Understanding the root causes and consequences of poverty and racism led her to leadership positions in Head Start and other anti-poverty programs.

​Twenty years of experience in the field provides on-the-ground knowledge for leading organizations dedicated to alleviating poverty. Dr. Armstead has written over ten community needs assessments, over fifteen annual reports, and provided program evaluation for both Head Start and other federally funded programs.

Her grant writing experience is extensive and she has led teams to successfully garner grants from $500K (for five years) to $63M (for five years) - including new and expansion assistance for Head Start. Most of her experience is with large federal grants, but her experience also includes locally funded projects and community foundations.

Through extensive grant writing and program evaluation Dr. Armstead developed a skill set for constructing logic models and theories of change that shape successful grants and help with program evaluation.

Dr. Armstead uses both traditional program evaluation methods measuring outcomes, developing surveys, conducting focus groups, and more innovative techniques that engage the community, such as photo-language and photo-voice.

Leading an organization today, especially in the nonprofit sector, requires investing in your workforce. Dr. Armstead can transform your organization into an optimally performing and engaged work culture through a focused evaluation, team building, and the joint construction of goals.

Dr. Armstead has also been involved in annual nonprofit strategic planning sessions as a director, facilitator and participant. She has a thorough understanding of broad-based long-term goals and translates these goals into measurable objectives with action steps and deadlines.